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I have always been on the other side, watching people, observing their little details, such as their ears that point slightly, their expressive hands, their long and graceful necks, their facial expressions.  I am the girl on the edge of the  dance floor who loves watching others dance.


I have always read fiction books, from Steinbeck to Zola. I enjoy the elegant writing style, vivid description that have made me want to talk, act and eat like the characters (after I read Grapes of Wrath I could only think of eating beans and biscuits and gravy from bacon fat).


It was no wonder then that when I first picked up a camera,  my instinct  was to take pictures of women, and tell stories that involved death and life and love.  And beauty.  I did it three years ago just for fun and got paid to do regular portraits. Today I do not want to do it for fun, I want to give it as a gift to women who need to translate their vision into timeless images.


In my heart and soul I am not a photographer. I am not a person who will pose you for your fireplace picture (even though I have done it).

I am a person who thrives on passion.  I get my high from my vision.  I get my high from your passion, and your vision.


And ultimately, I am happiest when my vision and your vision can blend  and create an image that brings tears of Joy to my eyes.


If you want to work together on creating an image that you will love forever; an image that comes from the meeting of both our visions, then I am your photographer.


I want to get to know you. So long before we start shooting, we will spend sometime knowing each other.

And to work together, I need you to understand who I am:

My name is Annabelle Denmark, and I am first and foremost, a fine art portrait photographer.  I craft Fantastic images for the Fierce and Feminine women.


And so you know, I also have a French accent. And if you must know everything, I love to laugh and feed people.  And watch Grey’s Anatomy (that is a secret though).  And I can be very, very goofy and eat an entire chocolate bar, in one day.

If you would like to know more about what chocolate is the best, or what your vision might be, or if you want to have a crazy pattern on your naked body…..please call, email, message me.

The images on this post have been crafted to show examples of what I can do, but it is in no way representative of what you should do. You and I will craft YOUR images, whether they take place in the studio or outdoors, with fancy make up or swimming in a lake.  Fully clothed or totally naked.


  1. 1.
    imaginative or fanciful; remote from reality.
    “novels are capable of mixing fantastic and realistic elements”


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Annabelle Denmark

Annabelle is a French born Fine Art and Wedding Photographer based in Denver, Colorado,

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