What Is Fine Art Photography?

When a lot of people think of photography, they think of family photos, cute babies and landscapes.  As a fine art photographer, I am often asked what it is about my work that is different or unique compared to other photographers.  The short answer is that I am an artist, and my medium is photography.

I love to work with subjects who are creative, and who are willing to try different and interesting things with their photographs.  I work with my clients to create photographs that are memorable, visually compelling and beautiful, all while simultaneously capturing important moments for them.  Whether it is a bride who is willing to do an underwater photo in her wedding dress, or an engaged couple who will lounge in a bed on the 16th Street Mall in Denver, I want to create a work of art that speaks to many different people, not just the people in the photo.Take a look at some of my most recent, and favorite, fine art photos.



portraitofyounggirl _logo


If these images are intriguing to you, I would love to work with you as a photography subject.  Please call me at 720.387.9664 or email me directly at Annabelle@annabelledenmark.com.

Engagement Season is Here!

I love engagement season.  As I scroll through Facebook and see all of the wonderful engagement announcements that people post, I can feel their excitement and it gets my creative juices flowing.

Part of the reason that I love engagement sessions is because it really gives me the opportunity to work with a couple on a personal level, and really find what it is about their relationship that is unique and special to just them.

Over the course of my photography career, I have found that an engagement session is also a rehearsal for the wedding, and a chance to take more personal photos of the couple that they may not get to take on their wedding day.

Here are a few of my favorite engagement shots from sessions this past summer.

Urban Photos with Brittany & Jason
16th Street Mall in Denver
KatieDavid (2)
Denver Streets

This particular shoot was one of my personal favorites, because I was in Paris with the couple for their wedding, and we picked a very special place for the engagement photography session that we knew we would not be able to get to on the wedding day.  It was a beautiful spot,  and the couple was able to truly be themselves without the nerves and anxiety of the wedding day.  It was a lovely day, and as you can see, the shots really captured the beauty of the place and the couple too.

Montmartre Session Just Before Parisian Wedding
Montmartre Love
Montmartre (2)
Montmartre Engagment Session

If you are looking for a fine art photographer for your engagement session, please reach out to me today.  I would love to help you create the engagement photos that will capture you and your significant other during this special time.  Please also check out my website at annabelledenmark.com for even more engagement photos!