Journey to France : the great arrival

After a 24 hour of flying and commuting, getting stuck on the Tarmac because Icelandair had misplaced some luggage, getting stuck in traffic because everyone is driving west for the Tour the France.

We arrived.

The car stops, we see my family come out of the house, they were waiting, impatiently as I can imagine, by the window.

So the car stops. 1 2 3 4 5 6 people come out, rushing one after the other to hug us, the smelly and frazzled travelers that se are.

I park into a rustic French courtyard, surrounded by trees and ferns and roses and walk into an incredible modern interior with beautiful concrete counters, ultra modern kitchen equipment, glass and wood balconies and a vintage tile.

The whole house feels balanced with the old and the new mixed together to fit my brother and his wife’s vision.

And of course we eat, as we always do first thing first. It is late, we eat and talk and the house is loud of 5 years of not seeing each other. Words pour out, a confuse mix of languages. It is one am by the time we finally settle and I don’t even need to count how many hours I have been awake anymore. We are happy.

My nephew and niece discover the girls.

My sister in law is bubbly and surprisingly good in English

My brother has more grey around his temples

My father and Monique look the same as usual

This was a long day. An amazing day. We sing happy birthday to Sophie. Candles on gourmandises. I get macaroons. The lights switch off.

I crash.

7:30: I wake with a jolt as the light filters in the room. It is quiet and I decide to go for a walk and be by myself for a few minutes. It is very difficult to get time alone in a house full and the next 15, are a bliss and I find : Delphine who quickly gets that I will be walking alone. An adorable baby cat named mignon. A handful or rabbits and chicken. A path of trees, the house, the rain, a rainbow. The land surrounding the house is huge and lush, with tree covered paths and fields. During a family walk we also find the sheep my brother acquired. The rooster. The pasture for a future horse. This land is incredible, it seems to take care of itself, the rains make everything lush, the birds sing, there is no sign of people or traffic, my nephew and niece are running wild around, showing my daughters the ropes of climbing trees and jumping in puddles.

And then we play marbles.

Witching 36 hours we moved quickly from the frenetic life in Colorado’s suburbia to the quite life of a modern nano farm.

Tarmac shot in Reykjavik with Icelandair
Tarmac Shot
Sophie's late birthday party with our family
Sophie’s late birthday party with our family
cousins in disguise
the cousins in disguise
My brother's amazing property
My brother’s amazing property
Heloise et Minion the cat
Heloise et Minion
Visit des animaux
Visit des animaux
visite et jeux de billes (marbles)
visite et jeux de billes (marbles)
into the woods
into the woods

Gentleman militaire farmer




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