Epic engagement session at St Mary’s Glacier

Amy and Russ’ engagement session

“You guys, it is cold, we have a steep hike ahead of us, this is going to be a crazy adventure. Amy do you have hiking shoes? no? just ballerina shoes? that should work too”

St Mary’s glacier trail is a step and quick 20 minutes hike. I was carrying a heavy camera backpack, Amy sported her ballerina shoes, athlete hikers were glaring at her, torn between laughing and screaming in fear for her. You get the best conversation while trudging up an icy trail.  We laughed about the cold and we talked about life while I was sliding down a slope on my butt.  We had semi philosophical conversation while trying to keep ourselves from falling. It felt like we came straight out of a Calvin and Hobbes’ comic book (Amy is the bouncy tiger).

In the end, we saw the magic of light seeping through trees while the wind made the snow twirl. We discovered the breath-taking views of St Marys, the twisty trees and frozen lake. We saw the sky turn pink and drove down to share beer and pizza at Beau Jo’s in Idaho Springs. This was an adventure that taught me more about Amy and Russ than any hourlong conversations.

I  get to create the most beautiful connections while trudging on an icy trail with a bouncy ballerina and a future groom with the kindest eyes I have ever seen.

I can’t imagine how awesome this wedding is going to be at the Lakewood resort in Cable, WI!
Couple walking in Idaho Spring
Couple hugging in Idaho Springs, CO Couple at Fall River Road, CO Couple kissing in the Snow and forest Couple at St Mary's Glacier Couple at St Mary's Glacier, CO Couple at St Mary's Glacier, CO Couple at St Mary's Glacier, CO Couple at St Mary's Glacier, CO