Shoot Out

Today I had a boudoir shoot out (which means that I was the model, and then I photographed the photographer) and two things became very apparent to me :

First it is easier to be a model than a photographer.  It is actually quite relaxing, and I felt valued and special.

Second, we both had very very different styles.

I was posed in a very specific way, and it felt good relying completely on my photographer to take care of me.  She was the nurturing kind.

And then I proceeded to shoot.  I am not as nurturing and as detail oriented in the posing process. Instead I feel things, look for light, lines and composition to complement my model. My model and I were in a safe place but she had to take an active role.  I am  the collaborative kind.

A shoot out helps you realize that there is no right way to do things and that every photographer is different.  You have to find the right one for YOU.

Also, the photographer’s voice has to be loud enough that the client knows what they are getting into.   I am not everyone’s photographer, but people who chose me are my clients, my people.  My clients want to be pushed to their edge, try new things, feel empowered.

Fierce, Feminine, Fantastic 🙂



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