The power of prints

I wanted to write a bit more than I usually do. If you don’t want to read, please scroll directly to the bottom of this page to see my albums. They look even better in person, so please schedule a consultation to have a look at them !

Pictures hold completely different meanings depending on what stage of life we are in when we look at them.

A new mom looking at her babies pictures while she is still not sleeping at night, while she is still recovering from the birth, will look at them with delight. The pictures will be shared and go somewhere on a hard drive. Or be stored somewhere on social media.

But an album will be stored in a bookshelf. No one was quite sure why this crazy photographer forced them to make an album, but hey, they just did it.

20 years later, when her little child is about to leave for college, she will look at those pictures with a completely new look. The pictures will bring back vivid memories of her time as a young mom and she will feel many wonderful emotions.

If she is lucky, the sleep deprived mom was organized enough to create backups of her digitals and had them readily available, on a new handheld (20 years from now) device.

But her album will be in her office, now that she has opened her own business. She will be glad to touch her baby’s face while her grown up child drives away.

Then one day she will be a grandmother. The pictures will be brought back up to compare features, new memories will be created and with it will come new images.

Hopefully someone will have remembered to transfer the pictures from the old drive. USB technology? What is that? Who know who saw the pictures last?

But the album is now in the family room with the other precious books. Ready to be opened again.

It is very likely that old prints are brought back up, old family albums are dug up. The pictures will  be touched. A little rip or stain adding texture to the times long gone.

I know that people love digital. I understand the need to possess and use what we have.  Most people, unfortunately do not print anymore.

This is why, in this era of digital images, I firmly believe in the power of prints.  And this is why, before my clients purchase the digitals, I convince them to get an album that I design with love. An album that is beautiful and solid enough to withstand time. With UV coated pages and seamless pages. Albums that are built like books.

Here are just a few samples of my albums. There will be more to come and I hope that more and more of my clients will understand and embrace the power of prints.

All my albums are lay flat so that I can use larger images that took both sides without interruption .
All my albums are “lay flat” so that I can use larger images that take both sides without interruption.
some of my books come in this beautiful, recycled wrap
Some come packaged in this beautiful wrap.
each book is unique, some people love heavy and thick pages . Others will want many pages and so prefer the thin paper *
Each is unique, some people love heavy and thick pages. Others will want many pages and so prefer the thin paper *
My album are built like books, with sounded or square corners *
My album are built like books, with rounded or square corners *
Example of cover material : brocade, silk, velour, leather
Example of cover materials : brocade, silk, velour, leather
Each album comes with a with array of cover material, sizes and design. Each album is a unique as my client
Albums come in a wide variety of cover materials, sizes and designs. Each is a unique as my clients.
other example of lay flat
Other examples of lay flat albums.

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