What Is Fine Art Photography?

When a lot of people think of photography, they think of family photos, cute babies and landscapes.  As a fine art photographer, I am often asked what it is about my work that is different or unique compared to other photographers.  The short answer is that I am an artist, and my medium is photography.

I love to work with subjects who are creative, and who are willing to try different and interesting things with their photographs.  I work with my clients to create photographs that are memorable, visually compelling and beautiful, all while simultaneously capturing important moments for them.  Whether it is a bride who is willing to do an underwater photo in her wedding dress, or an engaged couple who will lounge in a bed on the 16th Street Mall in Denver, I want to create a work of art that speaks to many different people, not just the people in the photo.Take a look at some of my most recent, and favorite, fine art photos.



portraitofyounggirl _logo


If these images are intriguing to you, I would love to work with you as a photography subject.  Please call me at 720.387.9664 or email me directly at Annabelle@annabelledenmark.com.

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